Sugar Detox, Day 5 "My own private Idaho"

My boyfriend (Chef Alex Cheswick) made gluten-free fudge brownies to sell along with his Classy Chili at the October Sunset Mercantile. They weren’t “those” kind of brownies, they were more like black tar heroin brownies. So powerful (and addictive) that after the first bite people stopped walking and their eyes rolled back in the heads. Well guess who’s sleeping with the drug dealer?


I acted all ladylike when he said I could have the brick of it in his freezer. I made my hands dainty and said something like “Oh no no that would be too much”. As the weeks wore on, I stopped slicing it with a knife and started taking big ol Hungry Jack bites out of it. By Halloween it looked like Idaho. 


Well, here I am on day five of the “sugar detox” and I’m happy to tell you that last night I forgot all about my frozen vacation spot Idaho. I am still a recovering sugar ho, tho. Sorry, had to do it.