Sugar Detox, Day 6, A Sugar Retox Nightmare


I had a retox dream where I ate an entire banana split covered in M & M’s. None of those things are “my thing” when I want “something”.

It was more like a nightmare because it ended with me fighting three would be sex offenders in a stairwell.

As soon as I ate it I knew I’d have to come clean with my blog readers (all 5 of you!) about my falling off the wagon.

And I was running around in a panic because I was trying to find fiber and cinnamon to slow down the insulin spike, but those are hard to come by in a dream.

There was also the race to find stairs to run up so the sugar would go to the prime movers (muscles) and not my rump shaker (ars). 


All of these gymnastics in the dream and IRL (in real life) are so ridiculous. Seems time for me to spend a few waking hours preparing for real emergencies, like finally getting that earthquake kit. With dehydrated ice cream.