Sugar Detox Day 2


I dreamt about candy all night. I dreamt I was in jail (hello, Freud?) and someone delivered fudge with that was made exclusively for my Nana’s side of the family. I woke up chewing my mouthguard.


Fitting I would dream about her and candy. She and I would sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night and bury those orange marshmallow circus peanuts in JIF peanut butter. They were so fresh. In my adult life, I’ve squeezed them (gently) before buying. When they’re fresh you should be able to push your finger into the far edge and make it look like a shoe. 


My Nana always had two things by her bedside; romance novels and Red Vines. When I first got sober, I ate Red Vines so continuously that I should have made a scarf I could just gnaw on. 


In my quest to live a life with occasional sugar blowouts while being paleo for my blood type, I’ve veered away from Red Vines because they have gluten. 


I know, I know! I can hear your eye rolling now. But really I was one of the first people to have a gluten problem. Rashes, breathing trouble way back in 1996. When an Naturopath told me to eliminate gluten, I came home and ate thirteen pieces of See’s candy; sent to me by my sweet, sweet Nana.