Sugar Detox, Day 1

Sugar Detox, Day 1

I told my boyfriend I’m not going to eat sugar until Thanksgiving and maybe blogging about it will help me hold true. I did relatively well this Halloween vs. last year when I should’ve posted a sign“Dear Trick or Treaters, The woman inside ate all your candy and is now hiding in her bedroom in a shame ball/carbocoma".


I fought off the urge to buy a bag of candy corn this year. “It’s so fresh now”, I heard The White Liar whisper to me. “Fresh”  as opposed to when I buy it at the Dollar Store in February and it’s more candle-like. I always wish they’d make a huge candy corn like those novelty Hershey’s Kisses. 

I'm happy to announce I only ate ONE, I repeat ONE solo candy corn that was at the bottom of the candy dish at the counter of EcoThrift. It was weird that it was there and I know it’s gross but it was so joyous to find it and I knew that that one would really be the end of it because I didn’t have a whole bag in my car. How does ONE candy corn make it to the bottom of wrapped candy anyway? It could have very well fallen out of someone’s head into the bowl. My intermittent germaphobia never shows when sugar is involved.   

On Halloween we went to a fancy panties Old San Francisco Money party at a castle. We had a good time however they only had rich people candy (See’s hand decorated marshmallow pumpkins surrounded in quality chocolate). What I really wanted was some low rent crap like Twizzlers which fulfill my fantasy of eating lipgloss. So instead I ate five unsheathed Almond Rocas and danced for an hour. Sunday I felt so hung over my skin, hair and the hair on my skin hurt. I was going to pull a hair-of-the-dog and get sugar through my organic raisins (which I call Hippie Kid Halloween Candy) only to find that raccoons had ripped through all three boxes. I'm not joking.


So this morning I lifted weights, ate organic spinach and chicken sausage and will wait for the really tough part of going san sugar to begin.