"Liz Grant made me laugh so hard my sides hurt"

-Jim Harbaugh, former head coach of the SF Forty Niners  

Use this section to prove Liz is comedically relevant.

Liz has performed with Dana Carvey. She also won an impression contest doing an, uh...impression of one of her favorite comics Brian Regan. 

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She mixes smart and silly. There are characters and creatures (including herself during the six years she was a meth addict/alcoholic in the “formative years”). 


Liz is grateful to have been born to her then impoverished, hippie parents (“I raised them myself”) because they taught her to “think outside the circle”. Amid all the family chaos, they took her to many creative happenings including puppet shows by weirdos. Her imagination was fired. 


Being hyperactive, (diagnosed as “annoying”) she learned to use The Force to channel her energies into a spot-on impression of Smeagol/Gollum from The Hobbit album. This quickly made her the scariest/funniest tomboy dork in the third grade. 


As a teenager, comedy was her rock n’ roll thanks to radio show host Alex Bennett (The Quake, 105.3), who produced on air stand-up shows.  She’s still inspired by the comic greats who passed through including Dana Gould, Patton Oswalt, Carlos Alazraqui, Jake Johannsen and Brian Regan. 


There have been many fits and starts to Liz’s comedy career but she’s f’ing serious about comedy and is done hiding in hopes that someone will discover her! If you know someone who can get her on The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon, please do something! Thank you all!  XO!